Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Future of Mark Sanchez

Not too long ago Mark Sanchez represented perhaps the next of franchise quarterbacks. A bond between New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his first starting signal caller seemed destined to last for years. You know by now how this pair reached the AFC Championship Game those initial two seasons together. Results of course soured, capped off by Sanchez’s infamous “Buttfumble.” His replacement became Geno Smith, a promising yet similarly mistake-prone player. With 21 interceptions during Smith’s rookie campaign management thought it better to avoid past mistakes.

Veteran Michael Vick’s arrival brings competition that the former USC star never saw in New York. Now Sanchez faces great uncertainty himself. Many experts call 2014’s NFL Draft QB class very deep. While chances may seem limited, he likely gets another shot. Doubts will lingerie though surround a possible capacity for continuing his career. 52 turnovers between 2011 and’12 should create some fear among potential suitors. At the same time, Sanchez has mobility to extend plays, while possessing enough arm strength.
 Decision making must improve. History suggests that this player can make things happen if there is a solid supporting cast. As a backup strictly, the Green Bay Packers make sense along with the possible tutelage of Aaron Rodgers. If Sanchez wishes to start immediately, the Cleveland Browns may make sense. Former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine now is head coach. There defense was solid last year, and looks improved on paper.
 Receiver Josh Gordon has superstar-caliber talent, while tight end Jordan Cameron just needs consistently under center to truly thrive. New addition Ben Tate brings excitement at running back. Signing Sanchez could help Cleveland push an early Draft pick and win some game, while helping a fallen individual regain his confidence.  

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