Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NFL Free Agency: Michael Vick’s Last Chance

A decade ago quarterback Michael Vick resided on top of the football world. As the game’s most electrifying player he appeared on video game covers while also enjoying incredible contracts. In 2005 Vick led the Atlanta Falcons to an NFC Championship game appearance.

It was around this time where this playmaker famously caused two Minnesota Vikings defenders to collide as he broke free for a game-winning touchdown. Here we had what can only be described as an” original RGIII.” By this I mean Vick represented one tremendous dual-threat signal caller.


All came crashing down of course as allegations of a dog fighting ring surfaced. You probably know how Vick’s involvement in such horrible activities became understood. Well after two years in prison he had a new outlook on life in regards to personal conduct.

Work ethic also became an improved aspect while the admitted earlier slacker began much more thorough film study and game preparation. Then Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid provided a second chance. After quick success, results somewhat turned. In 2013 Nick Foles took advantage of Vick’s injuries while leading Philly to the Playoffs.

Their backup will soon hit free agency and a return is not expected. Rumored interested teams include the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Oakland Raiders. Next year would be his likely last chance at starting. Oakland should pursue him while New York and Buffalo could push young quarterbacks. Health remains Vick’s main obstacle as he only started all 16 games once. Still ,despite being near 34 years old there is enough talent to give Vick one last shot.


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