Sunday, March 16, 2014

Breaking Down Geno Smith’s Potential Competition

After three straight years without making the Playoffs, Rex Ryan’s New York Jets must feel frustrated. Representing one of pro Football’s most passionate fan bases creates even more urgency to obtain better results quickly. Those who were critical of their front office for fielding a sub-par group of receivers understood the many limitations. Despite not having many surrounding quality players quarterback Geno Smith deserves some blame for both his personal struggles, and that three game losing streak that ultimately proved to be New York’s undoing.
Issues remain with staring down receivers while forcing throws into tight coverage. This created too many turnovers but also makes adding a veteran presence vital. I don’t believe in Matt Simms, who has even less experience then Smith.

 Soon to be former Houston Texan Matt Schaub declined in 2013, but may simply need a change of scenery. Michael Vick would be my first choice, but could pursue other avenues in greater hopes of starting next year. No matter who arrives, New York should also draft someone during the middle rounds to create even more opposition. 

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