Monday, March 3, 2014

NBA Playoff Race: Brooklyn Nets Must Avoid Seventh or Eighth Seed

It took longer than expected, but the Brooklyn Nets are indeed contenders in the Eastern conference. Despite only hovering around .500 this team should be considered dangerous around Playoff time. Of course, I am assuming that Jason Kidd’s club qualifies for postseason action among their sub par counterparts. Losing Brook Lopez, a border line super star center earlier for the year hurt. Rookie Mason Plumlee has stepped in providing energy, but it is not the same. Now point guard Deron Williams has rebounded from his own health issues to lead Brooklyn back from a 10-21 start. Currently they sit at 28-29, which qualifies for sixth in the East.
 Most likely that would lead to a first-round match up with someone other than LeBron James’ Miami Heat and Paul George’s Indiana Pacers. While the upstart Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards have young talent, they are not elite. 
 Staying clear of the two powerhouse clubs early gives them their best shot to win at least one series before going down. Solid bench depth along with veteran starters like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce provides an intriguing mix. Paul If they just get in Brooklyn can still make a run, but Miami or Indiana would most likely end their Championship dreams quickly. 

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