Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prime Destination for DeSean Jackson

 Talent is important in professional sports. Such statements represent the obvious as those without play-making ability don’t last. Lost within our culture though can be too much emphasis placed on athleticism. People who fail to other wise demonstrate proper conduct not mentioning names (cough cough Richie Incognito) are placed on a pedestal. Simply having talents like catching passes should not dictate success alone.
 Now receiver DeSean Jackson serves as an example of how these other factors play a role. He possesses ridiculous speed and soft hands that make for a dangerous play-making ability. Recently when word came down that the Philadelphia Eagles were shopping him, I was surprised. In this climate that puts winning above everything else, rarely do you hear teams getting rid of their best players. Especially given Jackson’s fit in Chip Kelly’s system there was no reason for parting ways.

 Then reports surfaced about off-field issues like work ethic. Even more significantly other sources speculated that the player could have possible gang affiliation. Considering these factors handicapping Jackson’s next destination becomes difficult. The Washington Redskins, a possible frontrunner are attractive only because a chance for “revenge” against Philly. Otherwise this unstable franchise with owner Dan Snyder and uncertainty surrounding RGIII’s long-term durability should be avoided. Coming from California, the Oakland Raiders who have also been mentioned do not bring ideal circumstances.  Landing in buffalo has become equivalent of oblivion. Newly acquired New York Jets QB Michael Vick is one of his close friends. Their relationship along with a familiar presence in OC Marty Mornhinweg offers comfort. GM John Idzik may not be interested but joining forces would benefit Jackson most. 

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