Thursday, March 13, 2014

Denver Broncos: NFL’s Team to Beat

The Seattle Seahawks won this past Super Bowl using suffocating defense to rattle opponents. Well their victim Denver Broncos seemed as if they took notes. Seen as “soft” using an air- raid style passing attack, Denver’s usually awesome offensive game disappeared. Defensively way too many big plays were surrendered. In free agency John Elway made huge moves immediately.  Linebacker DeMarcus Ware, corner Aqib Talib and safety TJ Ward all represent upgrades.

Now pair that with Vaughn Miller, and you have a tremendous defensive unit. Champ Bailey’s age made him susceptible in coverage, so their new addition makes sense. Darrelle Revis joining the New England Patriots was a big blow to AFC competitors, and losing Eric Decker to the New York Jets hurt somewhat, but Denver; armed with QB Peyton Manning should now be favored to win Super Bowl XLVIX.   His former team Indianapolis Colts are talented, and there are several contenders. This Broncos team just seems better to everyone else.

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