Thursday, March 6, 2014

Johnny Football: The American Dream

In 2012 we were captivated by Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. At the time a redshirt freshman  took over and quickly proved capable of ridiculous plays. 2012 proved to be magical for Manziel after achieving distinction as College Football’s first freshman Heisman Trophy winner. From that moment this player became the national media’s fascination. Much attention rests rightfully on an exciting and mostly unorthodox playing style of scrambling while extending passing plays. Of course there has also been extensive coverage on Manziel’s tendency to gravitate towards this attention.

After all, he represents the average American 20-something male, you know except for already having a last name synonymous with oil royalty, and supposedly dating multiple super models.

 Two brilliant seasons totaling 63 touchdowns against just 22 interceptions shows that as far as ability in college, such hype is justified. Now projecting how much success this prospect has on the NFL remains difficult.

 Arm strength reportedly does not offer a concern, however Manziel’s willingness and/or ability to operate as a pocket passer brings much discussion. There is some risk in drafting this sub-six foot QB who represents the new “Broadway Joe.” However some team likely takes “Johnny Football” early, allowing his extraordinary life to continue.


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